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Daily Photo – Max’s ’34 Chevy Pickup

Daily Photo – German Brown Hunt








Daily Photo – My Only Rickshaw Ride

Daily Photo – Have Desk, will Travel

Daily Photo – OSHA Not Approved

Daily Photo – Stuck in Traffic

Daily Photo – German Brown

Thinking of warmer days…

Daily Photo – Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace.  (Mysore, India)

Daily Photo – Scooter for Five

I took this photo on a trip to India.  It’s quite common to see more than two people riding a scooter.  But look closely, there are actually 5 people on this scooter. There are two kids between mom and dad; the little girl is wearing orange and the boy is wearing red.  Why is dad the only one wearing a helmet?  They had just passed a law that the “driver” must wear a helmet, but not the passengers…

Daily Photo – Shopping in Bangalore

Okay, the quality of this photo isn’t very good, but it’s a great shot during a shopping trip on my last visit to India.  I was shopping for souvenirs for the family during some downtime from work.  If you’re looking for “personal space”, you won’t find it here.