Monthly Archives: February 2011

Daily Photo – North Shore Maui

This HDR photo was taken from the top of a high cliff overlooking the north shore on Maui.  As you’ll notice from the cliff at the other side of the cove, this is the part of the island famous for the “red” dirt.

Daily Photo – Ulua Beach

This is a photo of Ulua Beach shortly after the sun came up and before people hit the beach.  By mid morning the clouds moved out and we had plenty of sunshine to hang out at the beach.

Daily Photo – Cold Boise Night

This was taken from the Boise Train Depot looking towards downtown and the mountains.  It was extremely cold that night, but the colors in the sky was worth the cold hands.

Daily Photo – Ocean at 17 Mile Drive

After an earlier drive along the famous 17 Mile Drive north of Carmel, Kellie and I drove back to find a spot along the same route to watch the sunset.  This is a single, long exposed photo after the sun had already set.

Daily Photo – Lahaina Harbor

I took this 5 exposure HDR photo without a tripod.  The Photomatix software does a great job aligning photos.  This is looking down the harbor coast in the little town of Lahaina.  As you can see in the background, the clouds had just moved away from the island about 30 minutes before sunset.

Daily Photo – Superhero Sunset

This was the second night on our Maui vacation.  We walked down to the beach to watch the sunset.  The clouds and colors were incredible.  This made us think of superheroes standing at the ocean looking into the distance.